Pocket Changed – Where Unfulfilled Desk Jockeys Become Fearless Entrepreneurs

Caleb Wojcik started Pocket Changed in 2010. Caleb is a personal finance expert, professional development coach, and a web-based entrepreneur.

After designing and running websites since 2002 he is now focused on what he loves to do most: help people become financially literate, create passion-based careers, and live more simplified lives.

Over the past few years he’s researched and developed the best ways to pay off debt, save for the future, grow income in traditional careers, and launch a location independent entrepreneurial business. Pocket Changed is his outlet for sharing those ideas.

After leaving his desk job in Seattle and going on a three-month road trip with his wife across the United States, he now lives in San Diego, CA doing work for Insanely Useful Media.

First Step: Join the Resistance

Pocket Changed is for solopreneurs, bloggers, aspiring cubicle renegades and anyone looking to make a living doing what they are passionate about. It is for people who like to get things done and make their lives better, not for people that make excuses.