About Maria Brophy

My Vision: Is that all creative people get to live the life of their dreams. (And make good money doing it!)

10 Principles for an Artists Success:

My vision for the future is that artists and creative types the world over will find success and happiness and that the term “starving artist” will become a silly thing of the past.

My Philosophy:  I believe that you can create the amazing life that you want.  Anyone can.  It just takes deciding what you want, then gradually making it happen, while chipping away at the things or people that hold you back from doing it.  I’ve decided that I want to travel the world with my family and run my business from just about anywhere.

Speaking:  I enjoy giving seminars and workshops on the business of art at various trade shows and art centers.  My goal is to help as many creative people as I can by sharing my experiences, screw ups and knowledge.

You can help me make this vision come true by finding success in the creative world for yourself, and by helping others.

My past life:  My first real job was with the Government doing top secret stuff like finding chemical defense in laboratories.  If I told you more, I’d have to kill you….

Then I worked a few years in the trucking business at the docks in Baltimore.  (Those were interesting times…)

During my early 20’s I ventured across country from small-town Maryland to Southern California.  I spent the next 15 years in the student-insurance industry.  It paid well, but wasn’t satisfying.  I had to leave the cubical world for a more fulfilling existence in the arts.

The Good Life:  I escaped the grind with my wits intact and together with my husband, created Son of the Sea, Inc. in 2002.  This is the company in which we operate all of our business ventures.

Hope to talk to you soon – thanks for reading.


Feel free to comment on any one of my blog posts when you have a question, comment, complaint.  If you’re going to complain, go easy on me.  I sound tough, but I’m really a soft mushy cupcake inside!

Maria Brophy
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E-Mail:  consulting at mariabrophy . com

PLEASE:  If you have a question for me about your art, your career, or anything that falls under consulting services, go to my consulting page for instructions first!

Photo by Michael R. Foley PHOTO CREDIT:  The photo of me in the blue dress was taken by professional photographer Michael R. Foley of San Clemente, CA.  He does insanely great work – please have a look at his website.