About Dan McDonald

The Life-Regenerator

Dan “The Man” McDonald has spent more than a decade eating a living raw diet and teaching others to do the same. As a raw living food fanatic, he’s helped thousands of people lose weight and change their lives by eating primarily fruits and vegetables.

His “Life Regenerator” YouTube channel has more than 52,000 subscribers and has received more than 11 million views! His clients have lost anywhere from 10 to 250lbs. with his teachings and have literally changed their lives overnight with his advice and motivation.

Dan is a modern-day vagabond. In a typical month, you may find Dan in New York City working with a client, in Los Angeles working with one of his celebrity clients, or he could be on the beach regenerating his own life.

Dan has been praised by some of the world’s best healers and most prestigious leaders in the raw food movement as one of the world’s most influential living raw food teachers and motivators. Recently, the raw food community awarded Dan with four “Best of Raw” Awards. They are…

  • Best Raw Vegan Educator
  • Simple Raw Chef
  • Funniest Raw Man
  • Sexiest Raw Man

In addition to his work and love for the raw food community, Dan has a worldwide vision of helping more than 1,000,000 people from all walks of life eat more fruits and vegetables in order to live healthier lives.

Visit his YouTube Channel at Life-Regenerator

Visit his life-changing website Regenerate Your Life